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Sleeve Gastrectomy Complications Complications are listed below: DVT/PE – this is a clot in the leg or the lung. All patients receive preventative medication to reduce the chances of a clot but clots may still occur in a few cases. Injury to other structures inside the body – this can occur with any laparoscopic operation. Great care is taken to ensure it does not happen but it is a possibility. Urine/chest/wound infections – these are rare but may require a course of antibiotics after surgery. Bleeding – this can occur from the part of the stomach that is cut or from one of the port sites (holes used to put instruments inside the abdomen). It is often not necessary to take a patient back to theatre or give a blood transfusion but regular bloods are taken after surgery to make sure the patient is not anaemic (low blood count). Weight regain – with any bariatric operation a patient is able to put weight back on again, typically after a few years. This may occur if patients do not stick to the dietary advice from our dietitian.
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