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Now I Can.... Mr A M “Before the surgery, it was very difficult to complete simple tasks. I was constantly sleeping due to exhausted energy levels in my body. I was moody, short-tempered and depressed with my lifestyle. It was difficult to get out of bed each morning to go to work. The main effects of my operation are a massive reduction in the drugs that I’m taking and a big change in my weight. I have more energy than before and my life expectancy is improving daily. I also have a very positive view for the future. Now I can do anything I want to.” Mrs A A “After the surgery I have more mobility, more confidence and a positive outlook on my future. I wanted to cure my Type 2 Diabetes and since the op I haven’t needed to take my diabetes or kidney medications. Now I can buy clothes in shops and choose ones I like rather than having to put up with whatever fits. Thank you to the team for giving me back my life. My advice to anyone considering weight loss surgery by the WIMOS team is, if you have the opportunity, take it! It will transform your life.” Mr B H “I used to be unable to play with my family and I was becoming more withdrawn, not wanting to mix socially. Now I am generally happier, more confident, fitter and my medications have at least halved already. “The operation is changing my life for the better and I want it to continue to do so.”
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