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What can I do about the folds of excess skin when I have lost weight? Not everyone will develop large skin folds following surgery, but some people do. These can be unsightly and troublesome and some will wish to have surgery to deal with this. As with all types of surgery, this a highly specialised area and we would only recommend dealing with a surgeon who has regular experience of this type of operation. The Welsh Weight Loss Surgery Clinic is the private arm of the Welsh Institute of Metabolic and Obesity Surgery and we are based in Morriston Hospital Swansea for NHS work where Wales’ leading plastic surgeons are also based. We will be able to refer you to the best surgeons to deal with this problem. Some Welsh patient may be able to obtain funding for NHS surgery but in many situations this is not possible. Your surgeons will be able to advise you further about this.
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Most people I’ve heard about have gastric bands. What is this? A gastric band is one of the many types of weight loss surgery on offer. The band is a device fitted around the upper stomach which limits the amount of food you can eat. It can be effective, but has certain problems associated with it. On account of these we do not encourage gastric bands and prefer other options. The surgeons will discuss this with you in detail at your first clinic visit. Does weight loss surgery always work? Surgery for weight loss is not always successful. Most people will lose some weight, but the amount depends most importantly on the changes you make to your diet and lifestyle. Some people lose a large amount of weight, only to start putting weight on a few years later. This is almost always due to going back to old habits. Surgery can be very effective, but only if you work with the operation and look at your diet and lifestyle.
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